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25Jul, 23 25/07/2023Media

🔌⚡️ Electrifying Podcast on BFM! ⚡️🎧

Thank You for Tuning In! 🚗🌟

A big shout-out to all our incredible listeners who joined us on the captivating BFM Podcast! 🎧 We are truly grateful for your time and attention as we talked about our passion for electric mobility and the exciting journey as an EV charger solution provider. ⚡

We sincerely hope you enjoyed the session as much as we did share our vision with you! 🤝

If you missed the podcast, fret not! You can still catch the replay on […/are-tesla-and-gentari-threats-to…] and get to know more about Powered by RISE.

Once again, thank you for being a part of our journey! 🙏 Stay charged up and keep moving towards a cleaner, electrifying future together! 💪

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