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Profit is Matter for Commercial Charging

Today if a building owner / building management owns and runs a parking lot. It’s fine for a building owner to provide free charging for a single or two electric vehicles, but it will be a hefty cost of money if they provide free charging to ten units and beyond free charging!

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Just one unit of PHEV (Plug-in Hybrid Electrical Vehicle) Charger will cost a whopping RM354 per month! What if you plan to install 10 unit?
Even a simple charging port for electrical bike, will cost you RM54 per month. Imagine if there is 100 electrical bike.

That’s why building owners will love to use Powered by RISE, as we are the only charging solution that could solve all the issues. Because each building owner has different requirements for charging, some are looking for an easier payment gateway, such as a kiosk that is simpler to use, which is applicable for shopping malls. But for a normal apartment, the building just needs a standard apps link charging station and simpler design. Powered by RISE have different models that are built for different occasions. In conclusion, what we could provide is



Easy to manage for building owner

We are exceptional in finding out what is the best system for you, as all our charger is equipped with weatherproof and good system. Everything run online. The building owner can check how much power and profit generated via the platform

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Convenience to use by E-Bike Rider and EV Car User

Afterwards, the rider could use our apps to make the payment


Other than that, we still got small charger that link with our apps and gateway, that is exclusive for single parking lot.

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So lets say the place is a single parking for Mamak or Outside Parking Lot of a factory. The building owner also can install our Powered by RISE – Model RISE EV that is exclusive for single unit of charging, and its also equipped with all our apps and feature, so building owner can earn extra revenue!

Good Revenue

Building Owner can earn a good revenue out of our charging provided, rest assured that the revenue generated will go to your account every month. The more you install, the more you earn!
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