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As a dynamic start-up company founded in 2019, our company was driven by a mission to address a critical challenge in the electric vehicle industry: the lack of accessible charging infrastructure. Our goal was to develop and manufacture affordable charging stations that could be used by everyone, ensuring reasonable pricing for all users.

After years of dedicated effort, we are proud to announce that our vision has become a reality. With the completion of our apps and platform, our cutting-edge charging system is now ready to serve you. Our user-friendly interface and reliable technology will provide seamless charging experiences, enabling electric vehicle owners to conveniently power their vehicles and contribute to a sustainable future.

We are excited to bring our affordable charging stations to the market, providing an accessible solution that will support the widespread adoption of electric vehicles. By removing barriers and making charging infrastructure more readily available, we aim to accelerate the transition towards a cleaner and greener transportation ecosystem.

Join us as we embark on this journey to revolutionize the electric vehicle industry, one charge at a time. Together, let’s shape a sustainable future where clean energy and accessibility go hand in hand.


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