Kray Chong

Founder/ CEO

Position: CEO
Experience in Business: 10 years in managing Business & Engineering projects
Specialization: Electric Vehicle, Automation, Power System
Position :
Director – Emergence Innovative Sdn Bhd
Director – Great Mutual Group Sdn Bhd
Patent :
Malaysia Patent No. PI2023001576.
Malaysia Patent No. PI2020005572

    About Me

    Kray Chong is a veteran entrepreneur, born in Kedah on 1987,
    He has been a startup for 10 years and has been managing several companies, great experience in managing companies and leading the startup team from zero to one. Now is a marathon startup entrepreneur that loves to be involved in new innovation, and ready to change the world. He finds the niches in the market that demand innovation, then brings in the team to make the magic happen.


    Agriculture and plantation company that located in Sabah, and focus in our product Borneo Kingrass.

    A construction and M&E Company that focus in engineering, renovation, and power system project.


    Public Speaking 90%
    Business Management 80%
    Engineering and Automation 88%
    Business Development 70%