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10Jun, 23 10/06/2023Event

Powered by RISE had the honor of being in DKing SS2 Durian alongside our incredible partner, Eclimo, to lend our unwavering support to their groundbreaking Project EVergreen! 🚀Introducing to food riders with their cost-effective eBike rental service: just RM20 per day! 🌟
🎉 And, we are honored to have the gracious support of esteemed guests Bryan Ng Yih Miin, Y.B. Lim Yi Wei, and Muhammad Kamil bin Abdul Munim at the event! 🙌
As part of our commitment to sustainability and innovation, we’re proud to support Eclimo on this visionary initiative. Together, we will drive positive change and pave the way towards a cleaner, greener planet. 🌍💚

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