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Public Parking Space need Charging Station as well

Malaysia is one of the countries with highest household vehicle ownership in the world, we are no.4 highest in motorcycle household ownership in the world with a record of 83%. Everyday our streets from rural to urban are busy with vehicles moving in and out endlessly, due to our high dependence on self owned vehicles to move around and lack of convenient public transport system. Although the transport in Main city such as Selangor and Kuala Lumpur have a very well convenience Railway System, but its not yet cover the ground of other state and main city, we still have a long way to go when come to proper public transport system, in the meantime, everyone will still bear with the self own vehicle and Internal Combustion Vehicle to move around.

Also, the abundance of Internal Combustion Vehicle (ICV) on the road, emitted a huge number of tailpipe carbon dioxide emission, its polluting the air and environment and created the greenhouse gas, the introduce of Electric Vehicle to malaysia National Automation Policy is become a urgent and must do measure

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As you can see in the picture, the public parking area is always full with cars and motorcycles, if anyone walks into Taipan Subang Jaya or Cheras C180 and other hotspots, the public parking spot is always high demanding and full with vehicles waiting to park. This gives us high expectations that, by implementing a charging station with commercialized charging on a public parking area, we could provide charging infrastructure to electric vehicle riders.

Especially in the hotspot and center of heart of Kuala Lumpur and Selangor, where we seriously lack of charging station that is complete with payment system and full set to catered for each different requirement of rider, E-bike rider only need a socket outlet 13A and ready with payment system, so they could pay and charge; in other hand, electric car such as PHEV and BEV will need at least a 3.5kw EV Charger to charge. So what we facing of problem right now in public parking area is :

Lack of Charging Station for E-bike and Electrical Car

Its that simple, without charging station, nobody will buy a e-bike and electric car, as they not feel confident to ride it around without the availability to charge


How We Solve this Issue

That’s the moment Powered by RISE came into picture. We have been in the market more than 3 years, talking with the government, electric vehicle maker, industry, city council and every party, we found out the problem is always on the issue of safety and costing. As the cost of implement the charging station in initially is huge, and for Malaysia Government that is in mid of pandemic, Government is lack of huge funding to lay thousand unit of charging station, but Powered by RISE could solve this, as we build our own charging station, our price is considered cheaper than any other competitor, so on the same budget, we could install more charging station and scale up faster than any other player. Our model is built exactly for the purpose of Public Charging Utilisation and vandal proof. We even got our apps ready, so every rider could pay cashless via our apps.

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Introducing our GIGA RISE and MINI RISE, where it is built with a system that is scalable for outdoor charging, and built with safety and vandal proof. Now every E-bike and Electric Car Rider could just scan the barcode we stated in front of the charging station, pay and scan, then it’s active to charge right away.

As for the government and majlis bandaran (our Malaysia city council), they could enjoy extra revenue by providing a charging facility to all the riders, now every dollar paid by rider for charging, some will go to our government and city council for the maintenance of the parking area. Currently Malaysia lacks a charging station provider that has a full set of solutions, understands the ground, builds our own charging station, and is ready to get our hands dirty to do the hard work, and Powered by RISE can do all that in an instance.

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Our system received the Grant award from our government Ministry of Science and Technology (MOSTI) and Malaysia Technology Development Centre (MTDC) for developing the technology. It’s a complete solution and is ready to use. We welcome every government party and city council to reach out to us for more collaboration on how we could make our city green again.

22 01 Meetup Yb Ngwe Exco Hal Ehwal

Our recent meetup with YB Ngwe from Melaka Exco shown a great welcome by Melaka state towards their intention to developing the smart green city, we even greeted by our beloved Johor Chief Minister on recent showcase

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