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We won MRANTI Challenge Grant!

11 Feb 2022 We won the MRANTI Challenge! A great achievement, thanks to MRANTI for the recognition. MRANTI is being very helpful along our journey of Startup, and everyone there is friendly and cool. Soon MRANTI is going to be a center hub of startup and innovation technology in Malaysia. We are going to install our first unit of HYPER RISE in Malays …

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Letter of Intent with MYRIVET

Signing of LOI with MYRIVET Assos. Prof. Ts. Dr. Razali bin Hassan the Director of MYRIVET 26 Jan 2022 Remarked a great milestone in Powered by RISE, as we signed the Letter of Intent with MYRIVET (Malaysia Research Institute for Vocational Education and Training) on the collaboration on Sustainable Transportation Program. Together with us is Assos. …

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Product Showcase to Johor Chief Minister

Photo with Johor Chief Minister Dato’ Haji Hasni bin Mohammad 20 Jan 2022, Iskandar Medini DRZ Zone Opening, we are very happy to receive the visit by Chief Minister of Johor Dato’ Haji Hasni bin Mohammad to our booth! While we showcased our Hyper RISE to the CM and introduced our system to him, he was very friendly and told us that t …

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Melaka Meetup with YB Ngwe

Meetup with YB Tuan Ngwe Hee Sem, Exco Perpaduan, Tenaga Kerja, Perhubungan Masyarakat dan Hal Ehwal Pengguna of Melaka State. We are having a very constructive discussion on how Emergence RISE Group of Company could be part of the roadmap of Melaka towards a smart and green city. Our solution Powered by RISE will provide an Electric Vehicle chargin …

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Showcase to Minister of MOSTI

Dato Sri Adham Baba Thumb Up and say “GOOD!” Great Support from Government and Ministry of Science and Technology 8 December 2021, Today we are grateful to be given a chance to join the Nanomalaysia and Eclimo product launching that is located in Intercontinental Kuala Lumpur. Picture is me trying to explain my product to Minister YB Dato …

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First GIGA RISE in Johor

Iskandar Medini 6 November 2021, We successfully install the first GIGA RISE in Johor Iskandar Medini 6 with the help of our team and crew, 2 years into startup finally our first pilot project is installed! Xion and Ameerul is working on the System and configuration Our GIGA RISE Charging Station, its build and install on ground and weatherproof Our C …

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