22 01 Meetup Yb Ngwe Exco Hal Ehwal
10Feb, 22 10/02/2022Event

Meetup with YB Tuan Ngwe Hee Sem, Exco Perpaduan, Tenaga Kerja, Perhubungan Masyarakat dan Hal Ehwal Pengguna of Melaka State.

We are having a very constructive discussion on how Emergence RISE Group of Company could be part of the roadmap of Melaka towards a smart and green city. Our solution Powered by RISE will provide an Electric Vehicle charging station to Melaka state. Together with collaboration with our favorite partner Eclimo, Eclimo could provide the e-bike as a rental basis to tourists so they can freely travel around the beautiful city of Melaka, taste the chicken rice in jonker street, then riding the bike to A Farmosa for a sightseeing, afterwards having their dinner on the sunset beautiful beach of Melaka.

Other than that, our smart kiosk solution that is complete with Hotel Kiosk, Tourism Kiosk, Food Kiosk and Shopping Kiosk would help Melaka towards the first city that implements a smart kiosk system with built-in blockchain technology. So the tourist and everyone will save the hassle of verification multiple times in different venues and occasions once they use our blockchain.

Hopefully the discussion would lead to a positive outcome, we are proud and happy to be given a chance to present our proposal to the State of Melaka.

Thanks to our not so little Shaktivell Letchumanan for arrangement, you are cool.

22 01 Meetup Yb Ngwe Exco Hal Ehwal

Thanks YB Ngwe

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