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Signing of LOI with MYRIVET Assos. Prof. Ts. Dr. Razali bin Hassan the Director of MYRIVET

26 Jan 2022
Remarked a great milestone in Powered by RISE, as we signed the Letter of Intent with MYRIVET (Malaysia Research Institute for Vocational Education and Training) on the collaboration on Sustainable Transportation Program. Together with us is Assos. Prof. Ts. Dr. Razali bin Hassan the Director of MYRIVET.

We express our great gratitude to Dr. Ahmad Mubarak bin Tajul Ariffin, Head of Department of MYRIVET in his capacity to introduce us and trust for our capability.Within the programme, we will start to explore the potential of job hiring for the Electric Vehicle Industry, collaboration in research and development of technology related to Charging Infrastructure and Electric Vehicle, and channel with other industrial players towards the goal of national automotive policy.

As an Alumni of UTHM, I feel very happy that after all these years, I finally could come back to my beloved university again, and being able to contribute to our university is a heartwarming moment to me. Other than me, both of my younger sisters also graduated from UTHM. We have a deep love and memory in university, where we are part of the early batch of graduates when the university library was freshly built, now it’s already more than 10 years ago. I hope that my passion and drive would give the young student a boost of confidence that graduate from UTHM could achieve a great height of success as well. As long as we work hard together.

Special thanks to Shaktivell Letchumanan on the arrangement.

Lets kick start the journey!


Kray and Shaktivell in the picture, look fabulous and cool!

Letter Of Intent With Myrivet 10

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